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Deck Staining

Before beginning the staining process, we must ensure a prepared surface. UV rays have the ability to penetrate the surface of the deck, thus causing graying in the wood. Southwestern Paints Deck Cleaners can help eliminate mold growth. A common rule of thumb is to always use a deck cleaner if the deck is not new. Ensure the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and dried before beginning the application of the stain or sealer.

Check the Deck Surface for Safety Hazards & Potential Risks

Once clean, be sure to sand down and bumps and ridges as best you can. Nails, splintering boards and other areas of concern should be repaired or removed and replaced to prevent any unnecessary safety hazards. When working, sand in the direction of the grain and ALWAYS use the appropriate safety gear.

Application of Deck Stains & Sealers

Checking the weather frequently and often allows the correct amount of time to apply the product. Never apply product in direct sunlight, as it will dry immediately and will not have a chance to soak into the wood. Conversely, never apply in wet weather, or in temperatures below 50 degrees or above 90.

The product should be thoroughly mixed (never shaken), and be sure that the product on the bottom of the can has been mixed by sticking the mixer all the way to the bottom and scraping.

When applying the Deck Stain, begin with a thin coat, slowly applying over the surface of two to three boards and then move on to the next section. A good rule of thumb is two thin coats is better than one. Using two thin coats ensures that the surface is completely soaking up the product and will provide a lasting effect. Never over apply the product, allow it to puddle, or oversaturate the wood as these methods will cause issues in the future. Back roll and re-spread any product that may have pooled unintentionally. Continue the process until the entire deck is complete, and voila! Your deck staining job is complete when dry!

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